medieval fleur de lis wax seal

Medieval Fleur de Lis Wax Seal Necklace Charm… Faith, Wisdom and Valor ~ Medieval Wax Seal Jewelry


A classic motif, the rustic medieval fleur de lis wax seal necklace charm.
In heraldry, the three leaves of the fleur de lis denote faith, wisdom and valor respectively. It is often used as a heraldic charge and appears on countless coat of arms. As an emblem, it appears on coins, flags, banners, insignia, logos, architecture, art and so much more.

The medieval fleur de lis charm measures approximately 3/4” and is shown here on a sterling silver cable necklace chain which is sold separately.

Product Description

Hand cast from a European hexagonal medieval wax seal, that dates back to the 1400 – 1500’s, into eco friendly fine silver (.999 pure and recycled silver) the fleur de lis is surrounded by a hexagonal line and that is surrounded by a Latin legend in Lombardic script. It begins with a small cross followed by an S, an abbreviation for sigillum or “the seal” which usually reads on to say who the seal belongs to or his title. It appears to read “S’SInOIII VIV L’ERL”

History made wearable!