Highlighting the Details

polished wax seal charms

If you read the descriptions for my wax seal necklace charms you may notice that each say something along the lines of “after hand casting the charm in fine or sterling silver, I oxidize the charm and then polish to highlight its details“ Do you ever wonder what that means? Here are some fine silver […]

Fob-ulous! Raise your glass to a whimsical watch fob chain bracelet!

toasts watch fob chain bracelet in sterling silver

Here’s to… more research!  I’ve relentlessly tried to learn more about that whimsical antique watch fob chain since I last wrote, and while learning a little bit about that style fob chain, I’ve learned little about this one in particular except that it is fob-ulous! The little panels have pictures and little ditties on both […]

Here’s to… research! Cheers!

toasts fob chain good form but not formality

Rummaging through flea markets, antiques stores and markets, estate sales and online is great fun.  In my never-ending quest to find antique wax seals and unique jewelry parts and oddities I often come home with trinkets I didn’t even know I was looking for.  Little curiosities I never knew existed or know nothing about suddenly […]

A New Blog: I{HEART}RHODY ~ note to Rhode Island Lovers!

HOPE anchor wax seal necklace

I just found a wonderful new local blog to read… or should I say it found me! It’s called I{heart}Rhody and you can find it here: http://www.iheartrhody.com Earlier this month I was contacted by Erika, who writes the blog with her daughters, and she asked if she could interview me because they occasionally feature Rhode Island artisans, designers […]

What does the Christmas Pudding have to do with a Frozen Charlotte Doll?

bronze frozen charlotte doll necklace backside

And, what is a Christmas Pudding? Dating as far back as the 1800’s, the English had a tradition of making a Christmas pudding about 5 weeks before Christmas, always on the Sunday before the start of advent. The Sunday was called stir up day and each member of the family would give the pudding a […]

Love Letters ~ Forget Me Not!

forget me not wax seal necklace

The lost art of letter writing today… what might a gentlemen have written to complain of not receiving a letter? Well, here is another love letter skeleton taken from The Lover’s Letter Writer, a book published in the 1800’s, in London, by George Routledge and Sons, Limited.  Mind you, Victorian folks actually owned this book and […]

A Victorian Love Letter from a Gentleman

two hearts chained wax seal necklace

As I continue to peruse Chesterfield’s Letter Writer and complete Book of Etiquette, published in 1857 by Dick & Fitzgerald Publishers, here’s just one beautiful letter, from page 60, along with “hints” from the book that I’d like to share… SKELETON 4. Here is the head and tail of a pleasant little epistle that will answer […]

Victorian Letter Writing and Etiquette

Chesterfield’s Letter Writer

I’ve recently acquired a some new (old) reading material… Chesterfield’s Letter Writer and complete Book of Etiquette, published in 1857 by Dick & Fitzgerald Publishers, and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying perusing its pages! In 1857 it sold for 40 cents. I won’t even tell you what I paid for it. There are […]

wax seal postcards… friendship

postcard blank back side

In my world, old is good!  I love old movies, old songs, seeing old commercials on tv and especially visiting antique festivals with the opportunity of bringing some old back home with me! Besides collecting antique wax seals, I collect antique and vintage postcards, many of those with wax seals and all dating back to […]

The Renaissance Squirrel

medieval squirrel wax seal necklaces

Odd subject, I know, but I tend to be curious about unusual topics prompted by some knick knack artifact that somehow presents itself to me. In this case, it begins with a small beat up and partially corroded chessman style bronze wax seal. The seal was a dig find, I am not the digger, in […]