I am a collector, especially of historical tid-bits!  I love seaglass… the colors, textures, shapes, and the mystery and cannot remember a time when I didn’t collect it! Raised on the east coast, I have been
fortunate to have access to the seashore and appreciate all of the treasures it has to offer.

In 1991, after some formal fine metals training and informal trial and error, I began fashioning sea glass into jewelry. Using traditional hand tools, I wrap each unaltered and authentic piece of sea glass in sterling silver wire creating jewelry that is unique in its shape, size, and color.

The jewelry on this website is not shown actual size and is not always proportional in size with other items on the same page. Also, since seaglass is not manufactured, shapes and shades may vary from the jewelry shown. If you’d like something longer or shorter, please contact me with the finished length you’d prefer and I will try to accommodate you.

Perhaps you collect sea glass and would like me to create jewelry with your pieces. Look through the styles that I offer, choose your sea glass with similar shapes and sizes, and specify which style you would like and send me the sea glass you wish me to use with 1 or 2 extra pieces. I don’t charge custom prices, just my regular price for that item.

Suegray was a long time board member of the North American Sea Glass Association.North American Sea Glass Association

medieval owl wax sealmedieval flower wax sealmedieval squirrel wax seal

I also collect historical and very unique antique wax seals, some in my Medieval wax seal collection dating back to the13th and 14th centuries.  I use these to hand cast wax seal charms, to create wonderful wax seal pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  Each wax seal is a precious little treasure with its own unique symbolism and significance… read about its history and meanings and choose an inspirational wax seal talisman that speaks to you!
Impressed with history… impressed by history!

I work in fine silver (.999 pure and recycled silver), sterling silver (.925 silver) and sometimes bronze… some wax seal charms antiqued with traditional oxidation techniques and some patinated with a variety of techniques to create a gorgeous array of aged colors.

Historically, a wax seal was used in correspondence … the wax seal would securely bond a letter closed, serving as a stamp of authenticity and privacy, verifying to its recipient who the sender was and that the letter had not been tampered with.