Highlighting the Details

If you read the descriptions for my wax seal necklace charms you may notice that each say something along
the lines of “after hand casting the charm in fine or sterling silver,
I oxidize the charm and then polish to highlight its details

Do you ever wonder what that means?

shiny silver wax seal charms

Here are some fine silver wax seal charms, freshly cast.
It’s kind of hard to notice the detail when they’re shiny like that.

wax seal charms in oxidation bath

I’ve placed the shiny silver charms in a smelly bath, which changes the wax seal charms from shiny silver to black.

blackened wax seal charms

Here are the wax seal charms fresh out of the oxidation bath, before neutralizing.

oxidized wax seal charms before polishing

I’ve polished the high areas of the blackened lion rampant wax seal charm to reveal and highlight the rustic details.
I’ll do the same to the rest of the wax seal charms.

polished wax seal charms

The wax seal charms have been oxidized and polished.
Now I need to add a few jump rings for bails and the wax seal charms are ready to go!

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