What does the Christmas Pudding have to do with a Frozen Charlotte Doll?

And, what is a Christmas Pudding?

Dating as far back as the 1800’s, the English had a tradition of making a Christmas pudding about 5 weeks before Christmas, always on the Sunday before the start of advent.
The Sunday was called stir up day and each member of the family would give the pudding a stir and make a wish.

Another name for the Christmas Pudding was Plum Pudding, named for the many prunes in it.
Just before steaming the Plum Pudding, trinkets were added for good luck to the finder on Christmas Day,
when the Plum Pudding was served.

frozen charlotte doll silver     bronze frozen charlotte doll necklace backside

One of these trinkets was the tiny Frozen Charlotte doll, bringing the finder good luck all year long.
She was a little one inch porcelain doll, made in Germany during the 19th and 20th century.
I’ve written previously about Frozen Charlotte and I’ve made a cute little Frozen Charlotte Doll necklace
in sterling silver and in bronze.

Other trinkets steamed into the Christmas Pudding were silver coins, silver thimbles, tiny wishbones, an anchor or a ring.
What fun it would be on Christmas day, digging into your serving of sweet Plum Pudding, hoping to find a good luck charm!

I wonder if this continues to be a tradition in England… with worry about choking hazards and food safety?
I’m sure there are ways to make this tradition a bit safer… making new traditions and memories.

May you and yours celebrate a lovely holiday season filled with love and caring and sharing…
and perhaps a new tradition!

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