Love Letters ~ Forget Me Not!

The lost art of letter writing today… what might a gentlemen have written to complain of not receiving a letter?
Well, here is another love letter skeleton taken from The Lover’s Letter Writer, a book published in the 1800’s, in London, by George Routledge and Sons, Limited.  Mind you, Victorian folks actually owned this book and copied these letters for their own correspondence!  There was a proper letter skeleton for almost every situation!  And, once written, it required the appropriate wax seal and sealing wax color!

Dear _________,

Although temporarily estranged from the delights of society, I cannot refrain from hoping that you will enable me to realize some slender happiness from a more frequent correspondence on your part.  Four days have passed without my receiving a letter from you, and I am in painful anxiety lest illness should be the cause.  Pray, write quickly, or I shall really feel inclined to quarrel with you as an idle girl; nay, I shall absolutely grow jealous, and fancy that some more favoured suitor is undermining the affections of my dear girl.

But I have no fears.  I know too well that your innate goodness of heart would prevent you trifling with the feelings of any one; so, hoping you will take this little scolding in good part, and relieve the offence by a very long letter as speedily as your fingers can write it,

Believe me, dear _________,

Your affectionate _________

forget me not wax seal necklace

I thought this would be the perfect seal to close the letter!
Forget Me Not wax seal necklace

Make someones day… write a beautiful letter and mail it today!

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