two hearts chained wax seal necklace

A Victorian Love Letter from a Gentleman

As I continue to peruse Chesterfield’s Letter Writer and complete Book of Etiquette,
published in 1857 by Dick & Fitzgerald Publishers, here’s just one beautiful letter,
from page 60, along with “hints” from the book that I’d like to share…

SKELETON 4. Here is the head and tail of a pleasant little epistle that will answer in case
you do not want to be very sentimental, but yet desire to tickle the fancy of your sweetheart a little:

Dearest Julia – I take great pleasure in again writing to you, first to thank you for your generous
and affectionate confidence, and then to assure you of my entire and continued devotion.
I am, thank God, well and cheerful, and am constantly thinking of “the good time coming”
when we shall never again be separated. It is said that when one is really in love,
if things go smoothly, he or she is the happiest of mortals. I can believe in that doctrine implicitly,
and I trust it is the same with you. Tell me, is it so?
Are you one of those favored by the merry little fellow with bow and arrows?
Does our mutual attachment to contribute to your present happiness?
As Touchstone says – Doth my simple features content you? I think I feel your soft embrace and
your warm lips upon my own in generous response!
[Here put in your gossip, and then wind up the letter as follows:]
And now, Julia, let me ask you another question, and then I will close.
Don’t you think that when lovers part for a while they experience a deeper and more profound feeling
of devotion and attachment than when they are almost constantly meeting
and enjoying each other’s society? It seems so to me. I really believe that I love you more tenderly
than ever now that I can only express myself by letter. What is the state of your feelings?
Write word and let us compare notes.
I remain, truly and devotedly,
Your faithful and loving friend,

Did you notice the writers suggest this is a nice letter for the gentleman that does NOT want to be sentimental?!?
Can you imagine receiving an actual letter like this?  How times have changed!

I imagine that a note like this might be sealed with wax from a seal like this…
Two Hearts Separated But Not Disunited Wax Seal

two hearts chained wax seal necklace            Cupid wax seal necklace - love compels me

Or perhaps it would be sealed with a wax seal depicting the merry little fellow with bow and arrows?  Cupid… Love Compels Me?

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