Up-cycled Leather Cuff Bracelet with a Wax Seal Medallion

I love the look and feel of a leather bracelet and for years I’ve been thinking about the marriage of leather and wax seals to make the perfect leather bracelet… a little bit rustic, not dangling, easy on and off, not cumbersome, comfortable and perhaps interchangeable?   I’m so happy I persisted!

owl leather cuff bracelet

The leather cuffs are up-cycled from old discarded leather belts!  I clean them, cut them, punch a few holes, finish the edges and add the hardware so they snap easily and securely.  Sometimes I add a little paint, here and there, to sort of hide their blemishes and imperfections… they were used, after-all, and that’s why they have such unique character.  High appeal, low impact eco friendly jewelry!

cross cuff bracelet

Then I hand cast a selection of my antique wax seals in bronze and solder the seal to a finding that screws into a hole into the center of the bracelet.  Since it’s not permanently attached it’s interchangeable if you purchase a few different charms… change the look according to your mood!
I’ve also started casting the antique seals in fine silver to make charms… with fine silver, you can choose any antique wax seal charm in my shop to be made into a leather cuff bracelet charm.  Just contact me to discuss it!

Want to make it personalized?  Do you have an old leather belt that you no longer wear?  Or perhaps a discarded belt that once belonged to a family member?  Maybe we can turn that special old belt into a very special personalized wax seal cuff bracelet for you!

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