An interesting way to wear a resin sea glass bottleneck!

greens resin rings #5        blues resin rings #5

Oftentimes, problems help us to think outside the box and come up with interesting and innovative solutions.
Case in point… I have a family of skiers who spend most of their weekends atop very cold and snowy mountains
where staying warm is of utmost importance.

The problem… adjusting the zipper on your jacket, with that small zipper pull tucked into the zipper flap,
without taking off your bulky gloves to do so.

bright resin rings #5

The solution?  My bright and colorful resin sea glass bottleneck rings!
It’s easy to see, looks great and easily allows gloved fingers to grab it to adjust that zipper.

close ring zipper pull

It’s easy to create a loop with colorful boat line, as Don did when he came up with this idea, or a black leather cord.
If you’d like a fashionable zipper pull, visit suegrayseaglass on etsy and just request a length of purple with black boat line
(as shown in the photo) or a black leather cord and I’m happy to send it along!

Thanks Don!

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