The Cross Is My Anchor… a very special wax seal pendant commission

I was recently commissioned to do a very special project for the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island.
Ruth, from the Bishop’s office, asked if I could make a pendant and lapel pin from the signet ring
worn by Bishop Knisely, the Bishop of RI,
these to give at the upcoming annual “Anchor of Hope” award ceremony.

I drove to the Office of the Diocese in Providence to begin the project and
the very first thing I had to do was ask the Bishop to remove his signet ring to make the impressions.
I was really hoping he’d say yes.  Otherwise the first phase of creating these charms was going to be very challenging!

Bishop Knisely wearing his insignia ring

After casting the ring charms in fine silver clay I needed to safely transport them back to my studio in Newport.

casting the insignia ring     close up insignia castings     protective seal box

I tumbled the charms after firing them… shiny silver!
Next I needed to solder the lapel pin onto to the back of one charm.

shiny silver bishops insignia     solder on lapel pin

After dipping them in the liver of sulfur, to blacken them, I needed to polish the high areas of the charms
to reveal the lovely detail of the more deeply impressed areas and give the charms an antique look.

dipping charm in liver of sulfur     polish charm

And now I begin the work of creating fifty more charms,
for many years of gifts at the annual “Anchor of Hope” ceremonies.

finished bishop's charms     sue and bishop knisely

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