Seeing Red… Bold and Beautiful

red resin sea glass bottleneck rings

As I continue to explore the world of casting resin rings from molds created with
real sea glass bottlenecks I feel like an artisan with a full color palette at my fingertips!
This is very different than what I’m used to!  Yes, I find sea glass in the most beautiful colors…
my favorite colors are the colors of sea glass, but I cannot create sea glass jewelry
with red sea glass if I’m not finding red sea glass… I am limited to what I find,
which is part of the magic of it all.

Working with resin, a type of hard plastic, changes everything…
I have resin dyes in the primary colors and I am able to mix them
to create a sea glass ring in any color I choose… almost!
Some colors are more difficult to create than others but the
experimentation is half the fun.

ruby red sea glass bottle lip

I’ve been lucky enough to find red sea glass, though not so much these days as I found 25 years ago.
It is said that you might find 1 piece of red sea glass to every 5,000 pieces of sea glass you find!
Red is extremely rare!  It was, and sometimes still is, used for decorative glassware, tableware,
warning lights and bottles.  In the 1950’s Anchor Hocking produced a dark ruby red bottle
for Schlitz Beer and I have been fortunate enough to find many bottle lip/bottle neck sea glass pieces
but never an entire intact sea glass bottle neck.  Above is a photo of one piece
but it is so dark it hardly looks red, and that’s how it looks on the beach, too,
so you may not even bend down to pick it up.

shades of red sea glass

I’ve tried to mimic the red color of my favorite pieces of red sea glass
and poured the red resin into some of my bottle neck molds and now I have
red not sea glass bottle neck rings… something I’ve never found, have you?

sea glass bottlenecks

I’ve used an eco friendly resin, a plant based bio resin made in the US and it’s the first
USDA BioPreferred Certified system with a lowered environmental impact.
The mold material is so accurate it shows every detail of the original so you can see the small
“flea bites” from the original sea glass bottleneck, which show as tiny shiny specks on both
the original and the resin casting, the cracks in the in bottleneck,
which will never crack further in the resin, as well as
the degree of “frostiness” given the original bottle neck by mother nature.

resin ring molds

These bold and beautiful red resin sea glass rings measure approximately
ring size 6, 7 and 8 1/2 and while I cannot make them any smaller
I can make them up to a size larger.

What color should I mix next?  Perhaps a sun kissed lavender?

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