Sea Glass Rings… But Not Really!

seaglass bottleneck collection

Once upon a time, there was a gal who loved spending time at a quiet, out of the way beach but she could not sit still, so she walked along the shore gathering sea glass.   She would fill her pockets and her bags with these beautiful gems from the sea… she loved them so!  She used her jewelry making skills to fashion some of these gems into wearable jewelry… this way she could keep her favorite finds close!   She even found some
wonderful, intact bottle necks… the top of the bottle often called the bottle lip.  Many of these were white, starting as a clear bottle, or brown but sometimes they were seafoam or aqua or even lavender!  And some of these wonderful bottle necks actually fit on her fingers… rings!
Lovely found bottle neck rings that require no jewelry making skills!
Those that did not fit the finger could be threaded onto cords and worn as summery pendants!
Life was good with these bottleneck rings until one day, clearly not thinking clearly, she took the
gorgeous aqua real sea glass bottleneck ring off her finger and set it on the kitchen counter.
Hearing a weird sound, she turned just in time to see it drop to the tile floor and shatter into pieces.
After wiping her broken-hearted tears and cursing her stupidity, she decided there had to be a better way!
s4 seaglass bottleneck resin rings
This saga happened over 10 years ago and she/I have finally mastered the “better way” to wear
a beautifully colored seaglass bottleneck ring… resin!
Lots of trial and error with mold making, resin choices and dye blending has led me to this exciting moment…
resin seaglass bottleneck rings, cast directly from some of my favorite bottlenecks in actual seaglass colors,
ready to be worn on fingers and around necks… I am so very excited!
Some of these can be made a tad larger and they are lighter weight than the real thing,
so it’s comfortable to thread several onto a cotton, leather or colorful silk cord
and worn as a great resin sea glass statement necklace!
seafoam bottleneck ring pendant     cobalt resin seaglass bottleneck ring     aqua seaglass bottleneck ring pendant
Just like real sea glass, each resin seaglass ring may vary a bit in color and perhaps even in shape
but unlike its real counterpart, this ring will NOT break when it rolls off the counter and lands on the tile floor!
I’ll continue to add ring choices as they become available:
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