A Story Within a Story Within a Story

I’m probably as inspired in making my jewelry as you are when you choose a piece of jewelry…
somehow, we connect with it.
The connection tells a story that could simply be its beauty, or love, or family, or a memory.

Every antique wax seal once had it’s own story.  That seal once belonged to someone else…
perhaps it was engraved specifically for the owner with the family crest, an armorial wax seal
used to close and seal important family or official business or documents.
Perhaps it was a little fob seal that belonged to a woman to securely close a special letter to her mom
or daughter or friend… the particular whimsical seal chosen to match the mood of the contents of the letter.

I love my antique wax seal collection… there is a reason that I have chosen every single desk or fob seal.
I have connected with it and it tells a story special to me…
and each morning when I choose a wax seal charm, or charms, to wear
there is a special reason I have made that selection… a connection.

Today, I wear a gorgeous Medieval castle tower wax seal with a tiny antique bronze key charm beside it.
Not only was the little chessman style seal the perfect souvenir from a wonderful family trip to England,
where we sought and explored castle remains but also, castles are fortresses and strongholds,
and in heraldry they symbolize spiritual power and vigilance on the watch
as well as home, safety and protection.

medieval castle wax seal2 quatrefoil keys

And the tiny antique quatrefoil skeleton key was loaned to me by a very special woman
who allowed me to make a mold of it so that I could cast it in silver or bronze to share with others.
It has a special meaning to her and now it reminds me of sharing and friendship.
The quatrefoil is often seen in architecture, art, heraldry and Christian symbolism.
It’s a symmetrical shape with four overlapping same-size circles…
a representation of a four leafed clover and in heraldry,
the key is a symbol of knowledge and of guardianship.
And that is my story today.

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