Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Earrings

Every Piece of Sea Glass Has A Story

That piece of sea glass you find nestled between the rocks was once part of something bigger!
It was once part of some vessel, used to contain something, like a mason jar filled with fresh tomato sauce,
made lovingly from scratch using the summer tomato harvest.
Perhaps it was once an adored decorative platter, that displayed the family birthday cakes year after year.
Maybe it was purely functional, like a window, protecting the family from the elements of weather
or the bottle that held the cough medicine for a sick child.
It once belonged to someone, or several someones.

Somehow, that larger thing became broken… shattered, and journeyed its way to the ocean
where it was tossed and tumbled as the waves carried it back and forth between the tides,
over many, many years and it was worn soft and smooth… like a beautiful gem.

And now you’ve found it but before you tuck it into your pocket, you pause and wonder
“Where and when did it begin?  Who once held this piece of glass and what did it hold?
What did it mean to them?  How long has it been rolling along the the seashore?
Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Earrings
Now you wonder… how did that gorgeous piece of cobalt blue sea glass begin its journey?
Well, it may have started back in the late 1800’s as a Milk of Magnesia bottle, a Noxema jar,
a Bromo Seltzer bottle, a container holding a Clairol hair product or a Vicks Vapor Rub jar.
Or perhaps it was a poison bottle or decorative glass item.
The odds of finding a piece of cobalt sea glass are 1 in 250 pieces of sea glass.
And what are the chances of finding 2 somewhat matching pieces of cobalt sea glass, for earrings?
Luck and a huge stash of blue sea glass to sort through to find the most similar shade, shape and size!
Good thing we accept sea glass as it is found, naturally… that’s what make sea glass so special!

Every piece of sea glass has its very own hidden story before it becomes yours…
but it becomes yours because you have connected with it with your very own story and special memory.

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