The Seven Deadly Sins

7 deadly sins charm bracelet

Several years ago I had an idea… to make a seven deadly sins wax seal charm bracelet.  I do love a good personal/professional challenge!

Challenge #1
I began my search for seven antique wax seals with animal intaglios to represent each of the seven deadly sins… not an easy task as antique wax seals are hard to come by, especially when one is looking for specific animals that may or may not even exist as wax seals.
I am still looking for an antique toad seal.  Until I find one, I’ll use this cute little 3 dimensional vintage sterling silver toad charm.
antique seals for charm bracelet

Challenge #2
I had to decide on the metal… I couldn’t decide between using all fine silver or all bronze charms, so I decided a nice mix would add the
most interest.
I have hand cast the wax seal charms in either fine silver or bronze and used an antique French interchangeable letter stamp to impress the name of each sin on the back side of each charm. Many of the letters had been lost over the years so I needed to mix upper and lower case letters.
I’ve oxidized the charms and then lightly brushed and polished them to highlight the details and give them an antique look.
french letter stampwords on bracelet

Challenge #3
To create a hand formed chain in which every link is a little bit different and will measure between 7 1/2″ – 8″ on which I can place the charms evenly… this was actually really a challenge!  I’ve formed the 8” chain in fine and sterling silver with links of varying styles, shapes and sizes.

Challenge #4
And now, how to order the charms so that the sizes and metals vary in a pleasing way.  This is where I decided that it might be nice to give the snake a verdigris patina… you know, green with envy?

The sins…
sloth ~ a snail cast in bronze from an English Victorian era fob seal with the words “allways at home”
gluttony – a pig cast in fine silver from a Victorian era glass block seal, with the words “I could a tale unfold”
greed ~ a vintage sterling silver “toad” charm next to a bronze charm with the word “greed”
envy ~ a snake cast in bronze from a Victorian carnelian intaglio… the bronze charm has been patinated… green with envy.
lust ~ a goat cast in fine silver from a small Victorian desk seal
pride ~ a peacock cast in bronze from a Victorian fob seal with the words “will a tale unfold”
wrath ~ a lion cast in fine silver from a 19th century armorial desk seal

The bracelet in the photos is spoken for but I will create one just for you… it may take 2 ~ 3 weeks to finish the bracelet.
Please click on the image in order to see the full size photo of the bracelet.
I’ve photographed the process if you care to take a peek on my facebook page.

And now the next challenge… the seven heavenly virtues?  I hope you’ll come back to see this in a few years!
Meanwhile, I’m thinking about making the seven deadly sins wax seal wine glass charms… that might make interesting cocktail party conversations!

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