How Long Does It Take To Make A Holiday Sea Glass Wreath?

I am often asked how long it takes me to make a seaglass wreath, to which I give the very  precise answer, “a really long time!”  I’m not being flip, it really does take a long time, but there are so many steps involved that I’ve never actually calculated the time.

Well, I recently did keep track of the time, from start to finish… sort of!  What I didn’t include was the time that it took me to decide on the mechanics of the wreath… its size, which materials to use and how to actually make it look the way I wanted it to look… all the trial and error involved.  It took 9 visits to the beach, each visit approximately 2 hours, to gather what I thought would be a good variety of shades, shapes and sizes of green sea glass.  There is the added bonus that I do pick up other pieces of seaglass that I can use for jewelry or to add to my personal collection, so this job does have it’s perks!  Next, I had to cut the wire and wrap each piece of seaglass, and yes, I wrap more than I actually use so that I can play around to get the arrangement just right.  I think 62 pieces made it to this wreath.  The wrapping took 3 hours plus the time to find and apply one band-aid… it’s a hazardous job because the wire is sharp!  It’s tough on the hands so I wait until the next day to create the frame and attach the sea glass to it.  This is the creative part of making the wreath… deciding which piece of seaglass should go where, giving it good balance with color and shape.  It took 3 1/2 hours to place the sea glass and then another 40 minutes to wrap and place the red recycled glass beads… they’re suppose to look like holly berries!

And there you have it… it takes over 24 hours to complete a seaglass wreath!  I’m not sure I really wanted to know that!  It’s truly a labor of love!  Merry Christmas!

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