Daring to Wear Ancient History

Those of you who know me would never ever use the following words to describe me: trendy, trendsetter or fashionable, but every once in a while I become enraptured with something that ends up becoming quite popular!

I’m excited to see it happening with my wonderful antique wax seal collection!  I’ve been collecting these little fobs of history for many years, but just began supporting my rather expensive collecting habit about 4 years ago by hand casting these reverse intaglio engravings into fine silver and bronze to create little historical charms loaded with meaning!  On October 27th, the Wall Street Journal posted an article in their icons section about wearing ancient history… and keeping the past close at hand.  The article speaks of wearing the actual ancient jewelry item, valued at $200,000 – $300,000, that date back to the 6th and 7th centuries!
The majority of my antique seals date back to the Georgian and Victorian Eras, the 1700’s to the 1900’s, but about a year ago I went further back in time… Medieval times!
These seals date between the 1300’s – 1600’s!  I love the simplistic and rustic pictures, surrounded by Latin legends carved in Lombardic capital letters.  I’m happy to invest in Medieval history and turn it into discreet, wearable and affordable history… loaded with meaning, once belonging to someone who existed almost 600 years ago!

clasped hands wax sealIt seems appropriate to highlight the Medieval clasped hands wax seal necklace at this time of year… for one, my hands are my livelihood and this seal honors the hands but even more importantly, it represents love and loyalty and sends the message “you have a loyal friend.”
It represents being grateful… and I am grateful!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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