A Victorian Enigma

A  wax seal and seaglass charm necklace with a tiny eye and tiny heart wax seal charm and a little piece of cobalt blue seaglass… assembled to send a secret message!
Can you solve this enigma?
Women in the Victorian Era, 1837 – 1901, used their clever minds and hands to create letters that were works of art… their carefully chosen words, illustrations, penmanship, scented inks and wax seals were well thought out.
Oftentimes, their letters and wax seals were little puzzles, called rebus letters or enigmas. A rebus is a type of word puzzle that uses pictures to symbolize a word or pictures and words to convey a message.  Many of the antique fob wax seals and wheels in my private collection are little rebus messages and “tongue in cheek” puns but here I have chosen to create my own!   “I Love Seaglass!”

And just a reminder to all you seaglass lovers… The 7th Annual Sea Glass Festival is just around the corner!   The fabulous event takes place September 15th and 16th at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  For more information, visit: http://seaglassassociation.org


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