Private Thoughts of a Seaglass Hunter

Some spots along the shore can be quiet and peaceful… those places we visit hoping to fill our pockets with those little gems called seaglass… bits of broken glass that end up on our shores after being tossed and tumbled by the surf, now instead of being sharp and shiny, they are smooth and frosty!   We are drawn to these beaches to enjoy the soft breeze, the sound of the surf and the salty air and we’re sometimes rewarded with a handful of seaglass!
It sounds so serene but there are some days when we go specifically for the seaglass part of the experience… and this is called “seaglass hunting!”  We are on a mission and we want seaglass!  We don’t want to chat, we care a little less about the sounds, sights or breeze!  And when some stranger steps onto that same spit of beach, oh no!  Well, I have created a charm necklace for these seaglass hunting days.  I call it WARNING! because what I am privately thinking is “Warning!  This is my beach because I was here first!  Really, I’d like to chat and share my beach but what if you find the next piece of aqua seaglass before I do?  I was here first so it should be my find!”

A fabulous little skull and crossbones wax seal necklace with a gorgeous tiny piece of aqua seaglass… paired together because we often associate the skull and crossbones with warnings!

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