Awesome Aquidneck Island

It was such a beautiful night last night that we decided to walk the few miles into town to see the only screening of “07-07-07: Amorita’s Unlucky Day.”  On the way, we pointed out so many wonderful old historic homes, beautiful blooming flowers and renovated parks and commented that Aquidneck Island is truly a magical place in the summer!  There is so much to do every day and night that it’s truly difficult to choose!  There are flower shows, art festivals, food festivals, outdoor concerts, regattas, fireworks, boat shows and so much more! 
Coincidentally, as we walked and talked about our magical island, we passed a stranger wearing my Aquidneck Island Wax Seal Necklace… I have been selling my jewelry locally for over 20 years but I still get goosebumps when I see something made by my own hands pass by!  Thank you everyone!  

And I must say something about the film “07-07-07: Amorita’s Unlucky Day”… I remember reading about the horrific accident in the newspaper.  A century old wooden 40‘ish foot sailboat basically plowed down by a 90’ wooden boat as they rounded the mark at the regatta.  I’ve seen what happens when boats compete to round the marks… I have sons that race, I’m a mother and I worry but this moving documentary still took me my surprise and left me speechless… the accident itself was haunting!

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One Response to “Awesome Aquidneck Island”

  1. otiumlimited says:

    Hello fellow Newport blogger. Enjoyed reading your blog and have always loved your jewelry.