You are as I have been, You will be as I am

I’m not sure how or when it happened, this love of mine for skulls.  It wasn’t planned… in fact, three years ago I was indifferent to skulls and now I seem to wear them daily and notice them in art and life everywhere!
About two years ago, I found a gorgeous gemstone wheel wax seal, dating back to the Georgian Era, 1714 – 1830, and  decided “I needed” to purchase it.  The wheel seal has six spokes and on each is a different wax seal engraving… it was the cello that I really wanted but I had to accept the skull as part of the deal.  Some of the seals had just picture engravings but a few had words.  The skull was surrounded by the Latin words “es fui sum eris” so naturally curious, I translated it and found that these 4 simple words translate to “thou art, I was, I am, thou wilt be” or “you are as I have been, you will be as I am”

On a whim, I decided to stamp the skull wax seal in the fine silver and that was it… I was hooked!  I love the shiny skull combined with the meaning of the words…
“you are as I have been, you will be as I am”You can find it here:

I think of these words almost daily as I interact with the world!  When my 14 year old son has to comment, or really poke at me, because I move the paper away from me to read it… “you are as I have been, you will be as I am”
or, as I ride my bike and need to pass the slower rider ahead of me and notice that he’s likely in his 80’s, I can only hope that I will still be out there riding when I’m in my 80’s!
“you are as I have been, you will be as I am”

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