The Skeleton In My Closet

I’m always on the lookout for really cool things that I really don’t need and I think I just hit the jackpot… again!  This one has me singing one of my favorite songs, again and again, while I replay my history in my head.  I found another whimsical vintage charm that opens to reveal a secret… literally!
It’s a little sterling silver charm of an ornate closet and when you open the door of the closet, a secret is revealed… a skeleton in the closet!
The phrase “a skeleton in the closet” dates back to 19th century England and suggests that if someone has a “skeleton in the closet”, they have a dark, shameful secret in their past that they want to remain secret, as it is potentially ruinous if exposed.

I have paired this skeleton in the closet with a wax seal charm that depicts an angel on the back of a devil, complete with horns, a tail and holding a pitch fork… that seemed perfectly fitting!  Then I added two tiny gemstone beads; moonstone and pyrite.  Another favorite!

What is the skeleton in your closet?
Mine?  It’s a secret!

And that song?  “The ghost that haunts me now” ~ The Crash Test Dummies

“There’s a skeleton in everybody’s closet
I can think of one or two in my own room
But I would like to introduce them both to you
You’d shake their bony hands and so dispell the gloom

‘Cause you’re so kind
I know you would not mind
You’d send away the ghosts that haunt me now
And the things I fear
Just wouldn’t seem so near
And when I stroll out late at night
There would be nothing rattling at my heels”

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