Heirloom Jewelry

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of a visit with my lovely aunt and uncle.  They had recently emptied the safe deposit box once belonging to my grandparents.  Amongst other keepsakes, they found my grandmothers jewelry and since I am the oldest of the grandchildren, my aunt and uncle decided the jewelry should come to me.  With great emotion, I removed each and every item from the little trinket box, some of which I remember seeing on my grandmothers wrist, like her watch which no longer ticks or her bracelet with seven silver charms with the engraved name and birth date of each of her seven grandchildren, or around my grandmothers neck, like the beautiful carved malachite locket with gold trim which opens to reveal a tiny black and white photograph of my young grandmother and grandfather wading in the ocean.  There were also two golden rings which I never saw my grandmother wearing because one was my grandfathers baby ring, smaller than ring size one, and his high school class ring with the letter B from the Blue Hill Academy in 1924.
I will forever treasure all the sentimental heirloom jewels inside that little trinket box and one day I will pass them all, as well as more of my own jewelry, onto my oldest son.
An heirloom is something of special value, which is not always monetary value, that is handed on from generation to generation through family members.

For the very first time, I realized that I may be creating an heirloom… a special piece of meaningful jewelry that may be handed down from generation to generation, that may invoke a special memory of the loved one wearing that special piece of jewelry.Armorial pierced heart wax seal necklace

Two little lovebirds wax seal necklace

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