The Crow

It starts some time before sunset, I watch the early evening sky, when hundreds of crows fly overhead as they make their journey from the cornfields to their favorite treetops to roost for the night.  I find it fascinating that they follow the same flight path, night after night, and perch on the same treetops… such creatures of habit!  And the noise, as they socialize and caw about their day… they are very social birds and sometimes form flocks in the millions.  Crows are inquisitive, sometimes mischievous, good learners, problem-solvers and are considered to be among the worlds most intelligent animals.
I love watching them… as long as their roosting tree doesn’t happen to be above my house or car.

This crazy fascination with crows prompted me to purchase an ancient wax seal with a very rustic engraving of a crow speaking under a six pointed start… I was thrilled to find it and just had to make it mine!

As the crow flies…
“He, if on foot, always travels as the crow flies, which the openness and dryness of the country permits; neither rivers nor the steepest mountains stop his course, he swims over the one and scales the other.” ~ W. Kenrick  1767
The term ‘the crow road’ has long been used in Scotland to denote the most direct route.

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