Hope For John… Hope Anchor Wax Seal Jewelry

As many of you know, my nephew John Teves, a 19 year old student at New England Tech in RI, was recently seriously injured in an accident.
On Friday, February 17, John went over a jump and crashed his motocross bike while riding with his father and friends at a track in Wareham, MA.  He was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital but because of the severity of his injuries, he needed to be airlifted to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA.
John has broken his collarbone and shattered part of his spine. Surgeons removed spinal fragments, part of his spine was fused together and a metal device was implanted to stabilize his spine.  Currently he is paralyzed from the waist down and has very limited mobility in his upper body.  Yesterday, he was moved to a rehabilitation facility, where he will undergo intense physical therapy for at least a month.
John does not have health insurance.  On top of hospital bills and a month of live in rehab, his parents are facing the large expense of having to make their homes wheelchair accessible.
Friends and family are holding a variety of fundraisers to help ease some of this monumental financial burden so that John can focus on making the most of his rehabilitation.As part of the fundraising efforts, I have been making bronze anchor wax seal charms for the silent auction events… the anchor is a symbol for hope.   Two of these bronze “hope” anchor wax seal charms are also available for sale in my etsy shop and John receives the full sale proceeds.

esperance… hope anchor wax seal charm                 


a woman leaning on hope… an anchor


For those of you nearby, who would like to purchase and pick up your charm in person, no need to order from my etsy shop.  Simply email me at suegrayseaglass@aol.com so we can make pick up arrangements and you can write your check directly to John Teves.
To learn more about John’s progress or view the fundraisers, please visit the website: http://getwell2y.bbnow.org/
Thanks so much for all your support and well wishes!

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