Mysterious Wax Seal Tells A Story!

Two hearts, two skeleton keys and a skull, oh my!  This is one of the most remarkable little desk seals I have ever found… it reads like a mysterious puzzle!  I’d love to travel back in time, to the eighteenth century, to learn more about this seal and it’s owners!  Truly one of a kind!At the top are the letters ISZ 3 MES which I have tried translating, unsuccessfully, so I presume they are the couples initials.
Under the initials are two hearts chained together but separate, out of which a plant seems to be growing from each.  Next to each heart is a little padlock.
Under the padlock, a skull and under the skull are two crossed skeleton keys.
On either side of the intersected skeleton keys is a bird holding something in its beak.
For more information about the heraldic meanings of the symbols on this seal visit:

I’m trying to put together the pieces of this symbolic puzzle, to learn the story of this wax seal.  I love collecting these historical antique seals… especially the personal armorial seals, those engraved for one individual, long, long, ago!  After I translate the basic heraldic symbolism, I wonder about the owner of the seal… what prompted him (or her, but usually it was a male that had his seal engraved) to choose those specific symbols to represent his life?  I’m curious about his, or her, life and the contents of letters he or she wrote…

What’s your story?
I’m currently working on a special project and would love to have you to submit your own short stories or letters related to the wax seals in my vast collection.   For more details, please contact me at

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