lots of seaglass!

Here we are, on Groundhog Day, with the announcement that there will be six more weeks of winter!  Well, as long as winter continues to be mild, that’s ok with me!  We’re still getting the storms that churn up the seas, delivering lots of seaglass to our shorelines but this mild winter weather keeps those “hard to get to” beaches accessible to us and it is so much easier to pick seaglass without gloves on!

I’d like to share my good fortune with you… when you order one of my single seaglass pendants, you will receive an extra green, pale green or white seaglass charm.  If you have a color preference, please do let me know when you place your order.  http://www.suegrayseaglass.com/shop_seaglass2.html

Sorry, but I don’t find enough cobalt seaglass to give that away.                                   Enjoy the winter and Happy Picking!

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