Unofficial Correspondence

Not every wax seal engraving was official… in addition to the armorial and official seals, personal notes and letters still needed to be secured closed since there were no gummed envelopes, and a large variety of decorative or whimsical seals were readily available.  It was the social obligation of every Victorian lady to write letters conveying news and information, and they excelled at this!  They took great time and care in writing letters for everything… letters of congratulations, letters of introduction, love letters, letters of apology, letters of business, invitations and more.  There were manuals to guide them in proper letter writing that explained in great detail how to write letters for every topic and social need, filled with do’s and don’ts, and included a handy formula for a cryptogram, secrets meant to be read between the lines!

two little lovebirds and a flaming heart

It is unlikely that the antique European wax seal with an engraving of two little lovebirds on either side of a flaming heart was used by a man for official business!  More likely, ES was a woman madly in love!  I’ve used her seal to hand stamp this wonderful necklace charm in fine silver.

flaming heart ring

And here, I used just a portion of the wax seal to create this whimsical flaming heart wax seal ring!

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