carpe diem… seize the day!

What do historic wax seals and historic gravestones have in common?  Although one is engraved for the living and the other engraved for the deceased, historic wax seals and historic gravestones have much in common… both have meaningful words and symbols that reveal a little bit about the lives of people of the past.  Much can be learned by “reading” gravestones… the style of headstones and the symbols and inscriptions found on them reflect religious beliefs, social class and values, as well as cultural change over time.  An historic cemetery is an outdoor history museum, wildlife refuge, botanical garden and a public art gallery!

the winged hourglass

The winged hourglass… I’ve paired two wax seal charms together to create this winged hourglass wax seal necklace in fine silver. Once again, inspired by the old stone carvings on the gravestones in historic cemeteries, the winged hourglass carvings date back to around the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and have long been used as a message of man’s fleeting time on earth and the uncertainty of our moral future… in Latin, described as “carpe diem” which translates “seize the day”… my new years resolution!

Happy New Year!

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