happy seaglass picking!

I love to go seaglass/sea glass picking… always have, for as long ago as I can remember. There is something so very special about every piece I tuck into my pocket or bag… the color, how it looks when you hold it up to the sun, the way it looks wet or dry, the texture and sparkle, the way it feels when you rub it with your thumb and fingers, the wonder of it’s previous life… how did it begin? who did it belong to? what did it hold? when did it begin its journey? where did it enter the water… before it landed at this beach?  And it’s so much more than what I find… it’s the salty breeze on my skin, the scent of the salty air, the sound of the surf and of the stones and sand moving beneath my feet and the way that time seems to stop for me.

There is quite a lapse of time between when I find a piece of seaglass and when I turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry… I’m very possessive with my collection of treasures and some pieces will stay with me forever, in one of my many collections scattered throughout my home.

I know that I’m describing most seaglass collectors here… and I understand all the requests I get to turn your special seaglass pieces, with their memories, into jewelry.  I’m always happy to oblige… I get it!

some seaglass beauties from a recent excursion

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