6th Annual North American Sea Glass Festival

This years festival was held in Long Branch, New Jersey on an unseasonably warm and sunny Columbus Day weekend.  After an entire year of planning and organizing the many details of the festival followed with months of creating with sea glass to build an inventory, it is over… sigh.  What an incredible weekend… catching up with fellow sea glass collectors and artisans feels like a family reunion!   Meeting so many sea glass enthusiasts is invigorating!  I think my very favorite part is the “shard of the year” contest… attendees purchase a card on which to display their very favorite piece of sea glass.  These hundreds of shards are judged by the experts who have to decide on one “shard of the year” and the finder of that shard is awarded $1000!  And most importantly, the owner keeps the shard!   There are also many runner up award categories making it a truly exciting afternoon for collectors.  Just watching the owners faces as their “shard” was reviewed was moving!  The photos of the winning shards will soon be posted on the NASGA website… visit www. seaglassassociation.org

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