Aging Beautifully!

I love solving problems!  It seems I am at my most creative when I’m trying to “fix” something… a faulty design, running out of an important material in the middle of a project or finding a gorgeous piece of seaglass that is totally the wrong shape!

I hand stamp my antique seals into fine silver to create unique wax seal pendants but when the price of silver went way up, that became a problem!  I experimented with stamping in bronze to offer a less expensive alternative.  What I found with bronze is that there is more room to “play”, especially when it comes to the finish work!  I can oxidize the seal so that darkness settles in to the low areas and then I polish the high areas to highlight the details and textures.  I can mix household items and set the bronze pieces in little holding tanks and watch, over several days, as the bronze reacts with the fumes to create lovely dark and speckled treasure patinas.  I can experiment with traditional patina solutions that react with the bronze and wonder if they’ll turn verdigris, aqua, bluish or a combination of these colors after a few days… and I love knowing that no two will ever be the same!   Aging has never looked so beautiful!

I’ve just finished patinating quite a few of the compass and “hope” anchor wax seals so I’ll have plenty at the Harvest Fair this weekend!  It’s at the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown, RI on October 1st and 2nd, from 10 – 5!  Stop by for a weekend of old fashioned outdoor fun!

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