And the best Brimfield find…

was this antique armorial triple seal fob that dates back to the early 1700’s!  What an incredible one of a kind find!  The seal portion is steel and has three different sides with beautiful, deep engravings.  The fob piece, on which the steel seal spins, is made of gold but it wasn’t tested for karat.   I believe it was made to be worn on a watch chain, or chatelain, by a man because it has his armorial family crest engraved within an escutchean shield on one seal and the owner’s initials “A O” engraved on another seal.  It’s likely that the third seal was engraved for his wife, as the child with a dog scene is within an oval shield.  This is a rare seal indeed, because back in the 1700’s only the very important or very wealthy could afford the engraving of a personal seal and the fact that this one has three personal engravings is extraordinary!

I have hand stamped, in fine silver, two of these beautiful seals:

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