Irene Seaglass

After the big storm I cruised out on my beach cruiser in search of seaglass that may have been left ashore after the waves receded.  I was too late!  I stopped at a few of my “secret” beaches and not only had others been there before me, but they had been armed with rakes and shovels and left nothing behind but holes!  Clearly, my “secret” beaches were not secret!  I returned home feeling a bit discouraged.  Not one to give up easily, I had one more “secret” beach to check out… this one is a little more challenging to get to but usually well worth the journey.  Once again, I took off on my bike and headed south.  Low tide was late in the day so it was a little hard to see with the long shadows but I was lucky enough to ride home with a handful of frosted shards that I gathered in the hour before the sunset… a lovely end to another wonderful day.

Irene SeaglassIf you’re shopping for a seaglass pendant and would like yours to be made with a piece of “Irene” seaglass, just let me know when you place your order!  I certainly have plenty of wonderful white!

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One Response to “Irene Seaglass”

  1. WindlassCreative says:

    WOW– what an incredible one-day haul Sue– good for you!